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  • Charlene Phung

The Basics of a Home Buying Company

Selling your home to a cash buyer can set you up for a fast and easy home sale. There are many types of cash buyers you can find, but home buying companies are a direct and reliable option. Before selling to a home buying company, it’s worth it to know more about them.

How They Work

Home buying companies work as a middle man that facilitates the home buying and selling process. These companies will purchase homes, fix them up, and then sell or rent them. To make the process more direct, home buying companies purchase homes from the buyer without the use of a real estate agent. Most companies have a streamlined system for purchasing homes that is conducted almost entirely online. You simply enter your address and information, and they determine the value of your home. Then they will make an offer within 24 hours. After this initial offer, the entire sale can be completed in about seven days.


One of the main draws of a cash sale is how fast they are. There are no mortgage loans involved, so this shortens the timeline and removes certain steps in the home selling process. Therefore, you can sell your home quickly, and selling to a home buying company is even faster because you can find a buyer and get an offer in less than a day. Home buying companies are also prone to buying homes as is. This means you don’t need to worry about doing any renovations on your home. These are usually costly and time-consuming, so it’s beneficial to remove them from the equation. Lastly, selling to a home buying company can actually save you money since you won’t be paying any real estate agent commissions.

Types of Home Buying Companies

Just like there are types of cash buyers, there are also different types of home buying companies. Franchise buyers are quite common. These are companies that work in a local market to purchase homes, fix them up, and sell them. They are quite similar to iBuyers. iBuyers are home buying companies that operate as a single company across a wider market and they buy a much higher volume of homes. There are also buy-and-hold investors. These buyers will purchase homes for cash, renovate them, and then rent them out.

If you’re looking for an easy way to sell your home, you should consider selling to a home buying company. It’s convenient and simple to initiate the sale process and you are guided through the sale by professionals. You can move on to your next home much faster if you work with a home buying company.

Home buying companies create a better home selling process. Click here to learn more about selling your home to Atlas Residential.



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