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Selling your home? Get your free offer.

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What to expect

Here are the steps you should expect when selling your home.



Based on the condition and location we will make an offer to buy your property. (24-48 hours)



Our general contractor will assess the condition of the property. (3-10 days)



Short, 5 pages document that will summaries our verbal agreement (24 hours)


Closing Date


Title Search

A title company checks that you are the owner of the property & there are no leans. (5-10 days)
You receive the funds & the ownership is being transferred. 
Recently I had the opportunity to work with the team from Atlas. I was very pleased with their dedication snd professionalism. I would recommend this team to anyone looking to sell or buy Real estate.

James Diggs Jr, Gastonia

You are at the center of everything we do

Selling your home can be an emotional event. We understand that and want to make this transition easy, smooth, and stress-free. 

There are many reasons for seeking a cash offer or wanting to sell your home fast. Discovering your unique, personal situation is our way of maximizing the help we can offer you. Our promise is to help every individual we meet in every way possible. Even if we can’t buy your home.


We have helped many homeowners with all kinds of challenges. Tell us your story today and we will help to solve your unique situation. 

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