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  • Charlene Phung

Selling Your Home in 30 Days or Less

For many people, selling a home can take weeks or even months. However, it doesn’t need to be a drawn-out process. If you know what you’re doing, you can sell your home in under 30 days.

Get Your Home Ready

Your first step will be preparing your home before you sell it. This will vary depending on how you intend to sell. It’s common to prepare your home by making repairs or renovating a few rooms in the home. This increases the home’s value and will attract more buyers. During the preparatory stages, it’s also ideal to stage your home and/or take professional photos. These photos will be used to market your home and it allows buyers to see themselves living there. Before you put your home on the market, you want to make sure it’s an attractive option for potential buyers.

Find a Cash Buyer

The best way to shorten the home selling process is by selling to a cash buyer. Unlike traditional buyers, cash buyers have all the money for the sale upfront and don’t require a mortgage loan to back them. This means you can begin the sale process immediately. You don’t need to wait weeks for a buyer to be approved for their mortgage. A cash sale involves fewer steps and it naturally allows you to get through the process quicker. You can find cash buyers in many places, but working with a home buying company is the most direct way to find a buyer. You simply need to enter your address and other information into their website and they can get you a cash offer in 24 hours.

Close in Just Weeks

Since cash sales don’t involve a mortgage, several steps are removed. You aren’t required to have your home appraised or inspected unless the buyer requests it. A cash sale mainly entails transferring the title of the home to the buyer and signing all pertinent paperwork. Depending on the specific requirements of your sale, it’s possible to find a buyer and close on the sale in as little as two weeks.

Trying different methods when selling your home can help you avoid the headache of selling. A cash sale is quick, easy, and actually cheaper than a traditional sale. Find a cash buyer in order to speed things along.

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