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  • Charlene Phung

Selling Your Home As Is

Before selling their homes, most people will make repairs and have renovations done. This increases the value of the home and it attracts more buyers. However, not everyone has the time or resources for this. Instead, you can sell your home as is.

Get an Inspection Done

Before you list your home or contact a buyer, you need to have an inspection done. It’s your responsibility to know exactly what’s going on in your home. An inspection can let you know what type of damage exists in your home and how urgently it needs to be repaired. If something is a serious hazard, you should probably repair it before selling. However, if most of the damage is minor or just cosmetic, you don’t need to take immediate action. The important thing is that you know what the issues are.

Disclose Defects

Once you’ve had the inspection and know what the existing problems are, you need to make potential buyers aware of them. On your listing, you need to disclose all the defects of your home. Buyers have a right to know what type of home they’re purchasing. When they know what the defects are, they can determine if the price they’re paying is fair and if they can afford to make the repairs themselves. If you fail to disclose any issues and someone is injured, you can be held liable for this.

Find a Cash Buyer

The easiest way to sell your home in its current condition is by selling it to a cash buyer. Many cash buyers, especially home buying companies, will purchase homes as is. They won’t require any updates and they will take on the responsibility of the repairs themselves. In fact, you can sell a home to a cash buyer even if the home is in very poor condition. A cash sale is a convenient way to get any unwanted property off your hands.

Not every home sale needs to begin with months of renovations. If you want to sell right away, you can choose to sell your home as is. The key is finding the right buyer for your home. Selling to a home buying company can help you get the process started quickly.

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