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  • Charlene Phung

Selling My House As-Is: What Does it Mean?

Have you ever heard your neighbors talk about selling their house as-is? Most traditional homeowners (and home sellers) won’t understand what that means. However, selling your house as-is for cash comes along with a lot of benefits for the homeowner. Here are a few details that will help you to understand what it means to sell your house as-is.

Selling As-Is

Selling your house as-is means that you’re selling your house without doing any repairs or inspections on the property before closing. You won’t add one coat of paint or fix one single floorboard. There are only certain home buyers that will allow you to sell your house as-is. They include some cash buyers and all cash home buying companies. Cash buyers are individuals who purchase homes for cash for the purpose of renovating and flipping them. Some cash buyers will require minor repairs depending on their experience and goals for the property. Cash home buying companies often flip the houses they purchase as well, but they never require repairs of any kind. Selling your house as-is will save you a lot of time and money.

Why You Can’t Sell Traditionally

If you’re trying to sell your house as-is, you can’t sell through traditional methods. Traditional home buyers are homeowners who usually don’t have a lot of knowledge about real estate or house flipping, so they’ll generally expect you to repair and renovate your house before it is sold. Most traditional buyers also require you to inspect your home before they give you an offer, which often leads to more repairs that need to be taken care of. Selling your house as-is without a single change simply won’t be possible when selling traditionally.

How to Sell for Cash

If you want to sell your house as-is to a cash buyer, here is how you can get started. Contact a cash buyer or cash home buying company in your area. Ask them to calculate a cash offer for you. This will usually lead them to ask you about your house. The information that you give them, including your house’s location, size, style, condition, etc., will help them to calculate the value of your home. This will be reflected in your personalized cash offer. Then, if your cash buyer has no repair requirements, you’ll be able to sell within a few weeks, or even a few days!

So, next time you’re planning on selling your home, remember that you don’t have to waste time and money on repairs. You can sell your house as-is instead by selling to a cash buyer or cash home buying company. This can help you to save valuable time and money that will help you to close on your new dream home.

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